Greetings from VidCon: Day 3

VidCon Day 3! We survived VidCon Prom, Disney Day + filming spherical video with eleVR at their VR workshop for Creators on Saturday morning 9am!! Andrew Stack of YouTube Spaces shares tips about filming in spherical and shows us the amazing pocket-sized Ricoh Theta spherical camera. #TeamNoSleep. Farewell VidCon, thanks for the 3D memories. Thanks…

Nabolom Collective Bakery farewell

Sunday August 2, 2015 – Quirkeley’s farewell to 40-year-old Nabolom Collective Bakery, 2708 Russell Street. Music by Steven Strauss, Electric Ukulele Ed Johnson, Bathtub Bass Cynthia Wilson, Drums Greg Pratt, Guitar Subscribe to Quirkeley for local fresh and organic videos every week. You can also find us here: Facebook Twitter Instagram 

Vidcon Elevator Confessions

VidCon YouTubers confess their antics, favorite moments and regrets in the sacred chambers of the Hilton elevators. Confessions from Neil McNeil Amanda Jewel Amy And Amanda Rebecca’s Makeup Stevie NYC Realitychangers Cyandanjou  and more. WATCH OUR VIDCON SERIES – Greetings From VidCon Day 1 Day 2