Gabby La La Snow Angel We Love Kite Fest Berkeley

Trip rainbows, be one with the flowers in Snow Angel VR

Flower-power your way to another dimension in Snow Angel VR, Thursday August 16th, 6pm at NextSpace in Downtown Berkeley.

Renowned electric sitar player Gabby La La and Quirkeley Director Siciliana Trevino, funded the 360 music video collaboration for La La’s band Snow Angel, by raising $10,000 on Kickstarter back in 2016. 

The pair, who who met at CalArts in Santa Clarita, where La La studied music and Trevino studied film, are hosting Thursday’s event to thank their fans and campaign backers who made it possible for La La to complete Snow Angel’s debut album, and for Trevino to purchase some of the tech needed to develop their immersive music video, “We Love”.

The app has gone through various iterations and demos at Snow Angel shows throughout the Bay Area and LA, before it premiered at ComicCon Palm Springs’s May-hem event earlier this summer. 

On Thursday project backers will receive their KS rewards that include Snow Angel’s debut album on cassette, as well as custom cardboard viewers with a QR code that links to the “We Love” video now on YouTube.

The free reception is also a chance to experience Snow Angel VR on the Oculus Rift, Facebook’s premium VR headset, and escape into more Snow Angel 360 videos, including “Big Group Hug”

You can also check out Gabby and Siciliana’s latest collaboration, an augmented reality app with artist Bud Snow, the Oakland-based painter and muralist who produced Snow Angel’s album cover art.

Doors open at 6pm for Venus Hour, sponsored by ARVR Women and Allies, an industry support group with over 4,500 members on Facebook and where Siciliana is leading initiatives on diversity, restorative justice and…breakfast.

At 7pm Trevino will dive into lessons from Kickstarter funding, 360 video production, and app development for virtual and augmented reality, followed by a Q and A with  Gabby.

Click here to RSVP. use the access code: rainbow

NextSpace Berkeley 2081 Center Street Berkeley

Take BART to Downtown Berkeley.