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Quirkeley is made with love in Downtown Berkeley by Executive Producer, Siciliana Trevino. She started Quirkeley as a concept for a comedy show that morphed into video profiles of the city’s best quirks and current events. She is extremely hyper and local. Prior to starting Qurirkeley Siciliana worked for Berkeleyside and the Downtown Berkeley Association. Her short documentary film, New Mo’ Cut: David Peoples lost film of Moe’s Books premiered at the Elmwood Theater in the fall of 2015 and won Best Editing at the 6th annual Filmstock Film Festival. Follow her @iSiciliana. Email: siciliana@quirkeley.com





#Lisa – hosts #Berkeley. Don’t tell anyone she lives in Piedmont.






Franky is a first-generation Berkeleyan misanthropic social butterfly who loves the night-life and loves to boogie on the dance floor all night. In his spare time, he likes to send words to your mother and to enjoy all the milk and honey that Downtown Berkeley’s burgeoning culinary and cultural scenes have to offer. He is an avid advocate of living and working locally and spreading the love of all things Berkeley–even the quirks.



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