War of the Worlds: Invasion

The Martians have come for our memes.

Inspired by the H.G. Wells sci-fi classic, War of the Worlds: Invasion is A BoseAR enabled podcast and action-adventure game in one, featuring hyper local music from DJ Eu4ic, ASMR, a snooty digital assistant, classic memes and Shia LaBeouf!

Players are on a mission to free the human prisoners held captive by the next generation of Martian Tripod Forces, bio-hacked super predators that turn humans to dust with their catastrophic heat rays.

Protect the world with your BoseAR enabled device as your guide. Evade the Martian attack, put your meme savvy to the test and perk up to virtual lattes as a reward for accomplishing missions.

With the power of BoseAR interactive sound, ride among a fleet of hovercraft speeders that help you reach the prisoners and destroy the Tripod with the tap of your finger – if you don’t get vaporized first.

In Chapter 3, Transmission to Mars, you must select an audio track that will be sent to Mars Ground Control, it may have the virus that will destroy the enemy, earning you a promotion to Major Foam. And you just might save the world.

War of the Worlds: Invasion is a latte or death situation that takes you on an ear-raising mission to save humans from extinction. #JUSTDOIT

Made exclusively for BoseAR, coming soon to iOS and Android.

Join us for a preview at AWE NITE SF! TUESDAY AUG. 13TH, 6:30PM


Siciliana Trevino Producer, Writer, iOS Developer // ASMR narrator // @iSiciliana

Catie Gutierrez Sound Engineer // Producer, Host, Bempire Podcast. Latte Goddess and Rebel Commander // @eu4ic_games

Chris Motola Lead Unity Developer //  @starcadius

Sasha Alexandra Menscikova UI/UX Design, artist // @menscikova

Special Thanks: Filip Baba, Jack Ronayne, Evangeline Ignacio BoseAR and Playcrafting Teams