Snow Angel Kickstarter Launch Party at Mary Weather this Saturday!

We’ve been quiet for a few weeks but we’re not slowing down! Last week we launched our 2nd Kickstarter, Snow Angel VR to make our first virtual reality music experience with  Snow Angel! The campaign will also help the all-girl band from Oakland complete their first full-length album on cassette and digital.

Come party with us to celebrate our launch this Saturday, March 12 at Mary Weather in Oakland. Snow Angel is performing a live, all-ages free show!  RSVP on Facebook.


Check out our cat-tastic rewards on Kickstarter that include Snow Angel’s album on cassette, the “We Love” music experience with custom cardboard viewer,  2 for 1 music classes with Gabby La La, a 360 video workshop with filmmaker Kevin Kunze and VIP tickets to our wrap party at Longbranch Berkeley.



Cat’s Eye Nebula / Photo: NASA, ESA, HEIC, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)



The We Love experience stars Snow Angel as flower-cats in space living in the Cat’s Eye Nebula until a cosmic wind blows them to Earth where they try to find their way home again.

You’ll be the first to get this VR experience for cardboard and GearVR with your contribution at the $50 level.

We’re working under our new VR creative lab and meetup banner, OffPlanet VR, and collaborating two budding female filmmakers, #Berkeley’s Amalia Roy, and animator Olivia Martinelli. We’ve also put together a stellar technical advisory team of industry professionals who will help guide us on the VR experience design and development.

Watch our campaign update video with Snow Angel VR co-creator Amalia Roy,  as she uncovers a Kickstarter phishing scam…glad we didn’t fall for it!

We have a long road ahead to our $10,000 goal and really need your support. Please contribute what you can and help spread the word about Snow Angel VR to anyone you know who loves music and new technology. Keep up with us on Twitter @Quirkeley and @OffPlanetVR

Thanks for supporting indie music and women in the arts and tech.

About Snow Angel’s Gabby La La

Snow Angel’s creative force, Gabby La La, made a major splash with her Les Claypool produced solo album, “Be Careful What You Wish For”. Touring as a member of Claypool’s band, Gabby became known for her virtuosity on the sitar and penetrating stage presence. She created her second album, “I Know You Know I Know” using a Nintendo DS Lite overdubbed with sitar, ukulele and theremin. She’s a graduate of the CalArts school of music where she met OffPlanet VR founder and Quirkeley Executive Producer, Siciliana Trevino.

Mary Weather 333 15th at Webster, Oakland

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