Snow Angel VR raises $10,015 on Kickstarter

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 7.24.18 PM


You helped us beat the odds to reach our Kickstarter goal after an uphill 30-day campaign.

Kickstarter is an awesome, terrifying beast. It forced us to risk everything for what we believe in. It forced us to ask for help day in and day out, while so many other worthy causes compete for the community’s attention. Thank you for answering our call and making our project possible. We can’t wait to rock out with you in virtual reality!

All backers will be added to our VIP guest list for OffPlanet VR, Thursday April 21st at NextSpace!

Join us for a night of virtual fun and games, demos, plus you’ll have a chance to try our work in progress! Stay tuned for the updated VIP ticket link that will be emailed to backers.


Thanks to our local business sponsors: Quirkeley, NextSpace BerkeleyM. Lowe & CompanyLongbranch Berkeley and BerkeleysideOur technical Advisory Team: Nicole Lazzaro, Darby Johnston and SVVR

Keep up with project updates by liking Quirkeley on Facebook and following us on Twitter @Quirkeley and @OffPlanetVR

See you in the musical Metaverse!

Sici, Gabby, Amalia, Olivia and Snow Angel 


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