Just 7 days left to support Snow Angel VR


This is it! 

With just 7 days left on our Snow Angel VR Kickstarter we’re fighting the good fight and believe we can beat the odds, but we need your help to do it.

Your contribution gets us closer to being able to complete Snow Angel’s first full-length album and purchase a VR-ready PC and Gear VR headsets to make the music video. The funds also help support two young filmmakers learn the basics of 360 video and cinematic VR.

Check out our latest video featuring Snow Angel VR co-creator Olivia Martinelli trying VR for the 1st time at our OffPlanet VR mixer in February.

She says, “I’m in the 9th grade and I’m really into digital arts and animation. Trying out virtual reality was a really amazing experience because it’s a whole new world of technology that’s completely new and different.”

Here’s Olivia’s first claymation animated short, Chef Stef


Music, filmmaking, new technology, and building community

all of it inspires us to forge ahead and make our virtual dreams a reality. We’re glad you’ve joined us for this adventure and we can’t wait to bring you Snow Angel’s 1st  album and VR music experience for their new song, “We Love”.

You have until Thursday March 31st at 9pm to make a contribution. Thanks for supporting us!




SA-KS-MLowe_FringeIf you can’t make a contribution, we’d be grateful for a shoutout on social media!

TWEET: Dive into the past and reach for the future with #SnowAngelVR #VR #Music


Share on Facebook:  Snow Angel, an 8 piece all-girl band, based in Oakland is making a virtual reality music video experience and promoting their new album. They need your help! Please contribute today and share this post! Only 7 days left!




For updates follow us on Twitter: @Quirkeley + @OffPlanetVR


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